The Freakout

Friday, June 3, 2016, 2:00 – 3:30 PM


Sharing Born-Digital eBooks in Libraries contends with the ongoing rapid expansion of born-digital and OER resources in publishing, both in the academic and popular contexts. Massive amounts of self-published, independently-published, and library-published ebooks have populated the market, and the question for libraries (and by extension, their parent institutions and academia at large) is how best to share, capture, preserve, and make accessible this body of content. Whereas best practices for the use and provision of content from traditional publishers (both in print and electronic format) are fairly well-established in libraries and universities, there remains a vast and growing universe of publishing that is largely off the map from many libraries’ perspective.

The situation poses challenges philosophical, intellectual, and procedural. How do we determine which born-digital content is important to our faculty and students? Which e-publications will have lasting value, and which are merely ephemeral? Who decides? Some born-digital books are free and others are commercial; it is a shifting marketplace with no clear boundaries or easy precedent. If academia and libraries determine (collectively or individually) that we do aspire to methodically collect these non-traditionally-published ebooks, where do we begin? From a collection-development, technological, cataloging, preservation, and, surely, financial standpoint, there are many challenges – some foreseeable and others less known.

The goal is the advancement of industry and professional standards and an improved level of cross-institutional dialogue and cooperation. Expected attendees include library professionals, representatives from publishers, authors, and university faculty concerned with the state and future of academic libraries’ collecting practices.




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