About the Festival


Re-live the magic that was Friday, June 3, 2016!

Mark your calendars and save the date now for


ZSR Library, Wake Forest University, WSNC

Sure, you’ve had plenty of chances by now to hang out at attend parties professional development opportunities in your life — you’re lucky that way, you have to admit. And maybe you’ve even gone to your share of what you might call fake faux festivals — or near-festivals, if you include conferences and conventions and concerts and such.¬† You’ve likely at least enjoyed the “picnic” aspects of life, and can understand how a simple “lunch” can turn into an “interesting luncheon,” as long as you’re drinking dining alongside some talented folks, and as long as you’re talking about books.

Still, if you think about it, you’ve probably never really been to an event wherein librarians and publishers and authors and scholars and singers and musicians and students and bartenders and writers and readers all get to hang out perform at the same time, simultaneously, in the same place(s), and talk and maybe even sing about ebooks, man.¬† Well, maybe you have, but you’ve never been to one that’s completely free of charge, right down to the lunch and the parking and the coffee, all courtesy of your friendly information professionals over at the (award-winning) ZSR Library, Wake Forest University, WSNC, USA.

Speaking of libraries, you’ve long wondered where all these ebooks are coming from — maybe it’s just you, but it sure seems like there are suddenly
a million new ebooks published every month

So of course, you’re going to click around this very Wake the eBooks festival site, and you’ll check out the Bookfeast, the Rock Opera, and the Freakout¬† — because you continue to hope to find an answer to
the most intriguing and ubiquitous and soon-to-be eternal question of our time:
just what are we you supposed to do with all these freaking ebooks?

Welcome to the Resistance

/mic drop


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